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Degree Dilemma: Is a College Degree Worth It?

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Masters in Public Health Degree Guide presents:

Degree Dilemma: Is a College Degree Worth It?

Despite the growing belief that a college degree may not be worth it, many Americans still strongly believe in the necessity. As the gap widens between the two philosophies, we decided to look at the data. This infographic contains recently published facts and figures on the subject.

"As an employer I want the best prepared and qualified employees. I could care less if the source of their education was a accredited by a bunch of old men and women who think they know what is best for the world. I want people who can do the job. I want the best and the brightest. Not a piece of paper" - Mark Cuban, American Businessman and Owner of the Dallas Mavericks

- 33% of Americans earned a college degree in 2012, versus 12% in 1973
- 30% of young men and 37% of young women completed college in 2012
- Fact 1: Overall, degree holders have fared much better in the recession
- Fact 2: The Wage Gap is widening
- Fact 3: Even some college is considerably better than none
- Fact 4: The higher the degree, the more you earn
- Professional degree: $109,600
- Doctoral degree: $87,400
- Master's degree: $62,300
- Bachelor's degree: $52,200
- Associates degree: $38,200
- Some college: $36,800
- High school graduate: $30,400

- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that the U.S. will need 18 million new college degree holders.

Most Popular Degrees

- Biology
- Business Admin and Management
- Communications
- Computer Science
- Criminal Justice
- Elementary Education
- Marketing
- Nursing
- Psychology
- Political Science

Majors with the Highest Employment Rates

- Geological and Geophysical Engineering
- Military Technologies
- Pharmacology
- School student counseling
- Medical assisting service
- Metallurgical engineering
- Treatment therapy professions
- Agricultural economics
- Agriculture production and management

Majors with the highest unemployment rates

- Social psychology
- Nuclear engineering
- Educational administration and supervision
- Biomedical engineering
- Linguistics and comparative language
- Mathematics and computer science
- United States History
- Court reporting
- Counseling psychology
- Studio arts

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